Prerequisites To Get A Federal Firearms License

A federal firearms license is issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Whether you intend to own a firearm, wish to manufacture firearms, ammunition or explosives or simply want to collect a few relics or unique firearms, everyone would require a federal firearms license to be able to do so, legally. Laws vary between states and the exact statutes and requisites would depend on the state laws. However, there are some general prerequisites that are applicable if you were to apply for a federal firearms license in the United States. (more…)

Tips On How To Be a FFL Dealer

Are you looking to be a FFL dealer? America is a great nation that takes pride in the rights and freedoms granted to its law abiding citizens. Along with the right to pursue happiness and prosperity comes the right to protect your freedom and care for your loved ones. When you become a gun dealer, you are taking part in a tradition of American values that originated with the Founding Fathers themselves.

When you get your gun dealers license you do your part to ensure that the right to bear arms as granted by the 2ndamendment is upheld as a core value of the American spirit of freedom and responsibility. When you get your ffl, you join the ranks of a proud group of patriots that have vowed to do their part to keep our great nation strong under the protection of honest, law abiding citizens. You are also living the American dream by creating your own business and contributing to the economy in a very special way. To purchase and to sell firearms is to preserve the very fabric of the American way. (more…)