Proud new 336rc 30.30 (made in 54) owner

WOW! Is all I have been able to say about this thing since I Bought it for 400$ from the local gunshop. As usual, there is a little story involved here, well for me there is.

I went in the Thursday before fathers day looking for some ammo to take my son shooting. I have been on the market for a Marlin for over a year now, since the factory relocated/closed getting a new one has been nigh impossible around here. It’s sad because it’s the one gun I have always wanted, and never gotten. So when I saw what looked like a marlin on the “Used” rack on the side, I asked if they had any marlins in yet, new or used… just on a whim.

Remember I didn’t go in looking to buy a gun.

Being a little bit of a Newb to Marlins beyond knowing the two models I was most interested in buying (336 in 30.30 or 1894 in .44mag)… I was a bit unsure of what to look for.

The clerk suggested I look at the used 336 they just got in last week first (the one I was eyeballing). He brought it over, and it was almost love at first sight. I had no idea what year it was made, nor did the clerk. He simply went through their spiel about the stores used gun warranty, that it should be in serviceable condition and shoot straight or they will make it right one way or another.

I almost didn’t buy it however, because in today’s world, new is better than old… At least that’s what your told. The clerk did have a few marlins that JUST came n (finally getting deliveries on new ones for the first time in two years… Trust me I was checking).

So I also took a look at a nice brand new 1894 model. I wanted it, but there was something about the older one.

It was more solid, smoother action, and felt more maneuverable. So aside from a dirty bore and a tiny bit of Rust on the included Lyman Peep sight, it appeared to be in good shape… And the fact that it was almost 150$ cheaper WITH a peep installed… kinda meant my wallet decided things for me.

I felt good about this one, more so than I have felt about most of my other gun purchases… I got home, and gave it a thorough cleaning, which was easy as could be, as the last owner took fairly good care of it. The blue on the receiver and barrel was in great shape, the wood in superb condition.

I estimated the rifle to be made in the 80s at the oldest.

But I decided I just had to know more about this gun… So I looked up how to tell the age…

I found the serial number under the lever under the receiver behind the trigger, and Saw an “L” and a bunch of numbers, and I cross referenced that with my notes.

My heart skipped a beat, and I knew I had a piece of history in near new condition.

1954… I stared at that date, and double checked the serial several times.

I called my dad, and honestly It was the happiest I ever heard him sound save for the time I got married (yeah, he’s a big Marlin fan too, guess that explains me).

I was terrified however that a gun that old would shoot funny. I mean, the previous owner must have sold it for a reason right?

wrong… 3 days later I went to the Range with my son and wife… First shot at 50 yards was within 3 inches of the bullseye… 2nd was within 2 inches of the first, third went a bit high and to the right but still within 2 inches of the first shot. Now I know marlins can be more accurate than that, but I’m new to the gun and the sight and all the rest, so to see it was hitting pretty close to my POA already, I decided to just enjoy shooting it for the day and not go nuts trying to tune it in tighter yet (heck it could just be my technique LOL).

I shot and shot till the barrel got a tad hot and I had a couple of shots go a bit astray… I laid it down and after she cooled I shot her some more and my shots were all within the black…

From what I can tell, a Gun in this condition without the peep sight installed would be a 350$ – 400$ gun easy. So since I got it for 400$ with a lyman installed and already pretty well sighted in, means I got a fair if not excellent deal.

I ordered a Stock Cover for it to dress it up a bit. I’ll add those to the album when it comes in. For now just check my Album for photos of the gun…albums109.html

Anyway, thats my “introduction” post. I have been lurking and reading here for a bit, but look forward to learning more about my new best friend. (seriously, if SHTF I would probably hand my wife the AR, toss my son the .22, my buddy would get my Benelli Nova, and I’d reach for the Marlin. IT’s that good a gun.).

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