S&W Bodyguard .380


In the last year and a half .380 pocket pistols have become very popular after years of a drop in interest. The increase in interest I credit to the number of states allowing concealed carry as well as the number of gun makers marketing them. Of course we have the older designs such as the Walther PPK and the Sig P232. The new designs are a good deal smaller and lighter. S&W has joined the ranks of companies making a very small well designed “pocket” pistol. (more…)

Proud new 336rc 30.30 (made in 54) owner

WOW! Is all I have been able to say about this thing since I Bought it for 400$ from the local gunshop. As usual, there is a little story involved here, well for me there is.

I went in the Thursday before fathers day looking for some ammo to take my son shooting. I have been on the market for a Marlin for over a year now, since the factory relocated/closed getting a new one has been nigh impossible around here. It’s sad because it’s the one gun I have always wanted, and never gotten. So when I saw what looked like a marlin on the “Used” rack on the side, I asked if they had any marlins in yet, new or used… just on a whim. (more…)